Restuarant U (Thai food) at Batu Pahat, Johor

(N1°51.587' E103°00.322')
Visited one of my buddy (Lee) who operating a minimart at Batu Pahat which is opposite of Sharp Roxy Factory.
We been invited by him to one of the Restaurant nearby for dinner. This is a Authentic Thai Restaurant operated by a Siamese.

All order made by Lee. He did a very good recommendation!!

Our order :-
1) Vegetables
2) Thai Style Fried chicken (for kids, cause they can't take spicy)
3) Omelette
4) Sweet sour Squid
5) Thai Style Steam Fish
6) Authentic Thai Tomyam


Thai Style Fried Chicken


Sweet Sour Squid

Thai Style Steam Fish

Authentic Thai Tomyam

We really enjoyed the dinner very much!
The Tomyam was not the normal type that we can have it everywhere. It was Excellent! Same goes with the Squid and the Steam Fish!
If you happen here and you can take spicy, these are the dishes that you MUST try! Cannot miss!

The total damage : MYR120.00 (For 4 adults and 2 children)
The cost was reasonable!
I rated : 4.6/5

I called this is a 'Hidden' Thai Food Restaurant!


Gunung Ledang Resort (Mount Ophir), Johor

Gunung Ledang Resort located at the foothill of Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir) (N2°20.956' E102°38.166').

It seems like the whole resort refurnished. It's looks nice and clean! I cannot remember my last visit....

The Reception of the Resort

I love this place very much! Especially the nature! It's actually a nice place for breakaway!
Let me show you some pictures of the Resort...

The first signboard you see once you enter the Resort territory...

On your left, there are ATV for rent...

Further in, you reach the Resort Reception (The first picture above), the swimming pool on the right once you enter the lobby...

I just parked my car right on the front of the Chalet.

Chalet of the Gunung Ledang Resort

There are total of 4 rows of the chalet, I believe this the standard chalet which is MYR150.00 per day.

Beautiful landscape and clean...

The room rate :-
Deluxe Room - MYR200.00
Standard Room - MYR150.00
Jungle Cabin - MYR50.00

Contact info :-
Bt 28, Jalan Segamat,
84020 Sagil,
Tel : 06-9772888
Fax : 06-9773555

As you walk towards the waterfall, you will pass by a row of souvenir shop and the last unit is the Ranger Office.

The Ranger Office.

I had been looking at the Ranger office for more information of the hike of Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir), but too bad there was nobody around after 30 minutes waiting....

Very bad for tourist....the office was empty!

But there was a notice on the wall stated :
1) Only day trip climbing (hiking) activities by booking are acceptable.
2) All climbing (hiking) activities must use Entrance B due to the safety of the Climbers (hikers).
3) Walk-in climbers (hikers) will not be served. The booking can be made by lettering to Johor National Park or calling at 019-7772057. Thank you.

Poor english....

Opposite of the souvenir shop, there's a mini food court.

You can have your Teh Tarik and relax over the wonderful nature!

After this row of shops, that is the area where everyone can soak in the cold water during the hot day!

The jungle trekking trail...

We will stay one night over here on 21st March 2009. That will be the Mega GG (Gathering) of Malfreemaps.
I will blog more detail after this holiday at Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir) Resort.

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International Kite Festival 2009 - Pasir Gudang, Johor.

This year the International Kite Festival fall on 17th FEB - 22nd FEB 2009.
There are total 26 countries participate and more than 200 contestants.

I visited the Bukit Layang-Layang (Kite Hill) (N1°28.552' E103°54.254') on the forth day, to avoid the crowded situation at the weekend.

Quite lucky that, the place were not the pack! Many parking lots available. That time was 5pm.

There were many stalls selling souvenirs and also 'Kite'. The price for one kite (MYR2.00) was rather cheap!

Dry Flowers Stall

Kite Stall. That guy was promoting his kite...

The Kite Museum and the unique roof top design.

Beside that, all those famous fast food stall also heavily promoting their foods! Like KFC, Pizza Hut and others...

The Chick happily walking around...

There's also the kid ATV and Pocket bike for rental. MYR10.00 for 15 minutes.

So, let's see what we have here!

Sky Actions
It was a windy day!
This is the only time where all the Fishes and others sea creatures are allow to Fly on the sky, not swimming anymore!

Beautiful Stingray and friend...

Giant Octopus

This is Group Performance.

This Tiger (I think so...) is about to raise....

Even the Fast food also on the sky?!

Kites were everywhere...

The Poor Crocodile stuck on the lamp pole...

Giant Frog

Cheese cake? Or Ice Cream?

Giant Dragonfly??!!

The owner of the Dragonfly and the pros beside...

If there's a up, there's a down...

Ground Actions

The little girl and her little kite...

MMHE's Kite spotted!

Is this a 'Kite'??

Seems like my kite doesn't listen to me anymore...

All the Lady birds are waiting for performance!

Photos under the tent

The Japan Team

The German Team

The Korea Team

The Tailand, Singapore, Malaysia and German Team

Let me have a nap, hopefully my kite is still there when I wake up...

No matter how....I gonna make my baby fly!

The China Team and the Tianjin Power Kite Club

During that time, I manage to watch the Performance from Mr Ron of America.
Once the music started, Mr Ron and his kite dance together at the middle of the field.

Mr Ron dancing on the field

The purple kite from Mr Ron disturb by the monster...

Others photos

The temporary Toilet

Flags of all the countries

Too bad the ladies team from China start to perform after I left the Kite Hill....I miss the show...

The Ladies Team from China. The 13 states of Malaysia Kite at the back...