Chandratal lake "The Moon Lake" of India.

Chandratal lake is also knwn as moon lake and is situated in spiti valley.Chandratal lake is 6km away from the Kunzum Pass.Chandra Tal Lake is situated at a height of 4300 m from the sea level. Chandratal lake has a circumference of 2.5 km,colour the lake is deep blue which is source of chandra river.By seeing this lake you can find out how beautiful the nature is. This lake is surrounded by the large himalya mountains and this place looks like a cold desert.In the surrounding hills are treeless.

You can find here a large no. of the tourist not only from India but from the Europe as well.The route to Chandratal is jeepable all the way till the lake and its not that much good, so you need a expert driver and your vehicle must have all type of necessary equipments.You can reach chandratal lake via Manali-Sethan-Hampta Pass- Chhatru-Chandratal-Tokpoyongma-baralacha la.Best time to visit this place is from June to September and during these months you can find shepherds with their herds of sheep, goats at Chandra pastures.

In this deep blue lake, you see the shadow of the show covered mountains, which all give shade similar to the moon.

Exotic Caribbean Destinations

If one is looking for the perfect island destination, be it for a beach holiday, honeymoon cruise or exotic vacation one place always comes to mind - the Caribbean. Caribbean composes of different islands each offering a distinctive experience for tourist and vacationers. It is considered as one of the best travel destinations of the world because of its pristine beauty and nature.

Since Caribbean is composed of so many islands each with its own uniqueness and history, one has to decide which island to visit depending on his or her taste. To name a few, here are the top Caribbean destinations according to your vacation preferences:

Beaches and Family Vacation
Aruba is one of the few Caribbean islands mentioned in famous Beach Boy's summer song - Kokomo. True to the song's lyrics, the island offers best beaches perfect for a vacation full of sun and water activities preferred by families and vacationers. Aruba is located in the middle of southern Caribbean, only two-hour away from Miami by plane and about 15 miles north of Venezuela. It is one of the Caribbean's most popular island destinations because of its beautiful beaches and entertainment offerings such as casinos, golf courses and high end restaurants. Aruba being a free-tax zone is also a perfect destination for shopping sprees.

Outdoor Adventures
If you prefer trekking and other outdoor activities, Martinique is the place to visit. This beautiful island is in the eastern part of Caribbean Sea and part of the overseas department of France. The northern part of the island is known for its mountains and lush forest perfect for hiking and trekking. Mt. Pelee and Pitons du Carbet are the top hiking destinations which are actually part of the 5 ensemble of rainforest-covered extinct volcanoes dominating the island.

Rest & Relaxation
One of the most prestigious in the Caribbean region is the island of Anguilla. The island is renowned for its superb white beaches with crystal clear waters that are best for diving. The island's luxurious spas, world-class hotels and restaurants not to mention its panoramic landscape and laid-back setting, are perfect for vacationers looking for a place to rest and relax while enjoying the beach and the sun.

One place that stands out for honeymoon destination in Caribbean island is the Barbados. It is the easternmost isle on the Caribbean Sea, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and is famous because of its world-class coral beaches. It is the only coral Island in the region having an all white sand beaches. The atmosphere at Barbados is glitzier and more sophisticated compared with other Caribbean, offering best hotels and resorts perfect for honeymooners. Aside from this, Barbados is famous also for its coconut plantations, tropical jungles, exotic botanical gardens, acres of abundant, rolling sugar cane fields, and a rich and exciting history.

The Caribbean has been considered as one of the top exotic destinations in the world because it offers everything - from water, sun, sand and activities enjoyed by tourist and vacationers of all ages. It combines all the elements of an exotic vacation for a perfect island getaway.

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My Work: Ranakpur Priest-Caretaker

Photo © Tewfic El-Sawy -All Rights Reserved

At the outset of my Tribes of South Rajasthan & Gujarat Photo~Expedition, we traveled to Ranakpur, north of Udaipur.

The Ranakpur temple is one of the most famous Jain temple in India, and is dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankar, or saint. Jainism is an ancient religion of India that prescribes a path of peace and non-violence towards all living beings. The Ranakpur temple is made of white marble, with more than a thousand columns, none of which are alike.

Having been to Ranakpur a number of times during my traveling in India, I didn't expect to photograph much. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of Jain pilgrims we encountered during our visit, and the suffused light in the temple was very helpful. It was almost as if I was photographing under a light tent.

Jawa Mee & Char Kuey Tiaw at Jin Shan (金山) Kopitiam, Butterworth

Jin Shan (金山) Kopitiam (N5 24.851 E100 23.079) is located Taman Bagan, Butterworth - Penang Mainland. This is one of my favorite kopitiam at Butterworth which I will visit it every time...

The foods here are not Very good but most of them are above average. There are many stalls selling the authentic Penang foods. One of my favorite food is Jawa Mee (Noodle).

Jawa Mee, or Mee Jawa, is a Penang Nyonya-inspired noodle soup. Despite its name, Jawa Mee has its origin in the Peranakan kitchen far and away from Jawa. The type of Jawa Mee sold by hawkers has the noodle swimming in a transparent tomato-based gravy. It is topped with boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, one or two prawns, fritters, slices of beancurd, a sprinkling of fried grounded peanuts, and chilli paste to taste. Source from here.

Jawa Mee of Butterworth

It's very difficult to find a decent Jawa Mee at Johor Bahru area, most of the hawkers at JB are not really know what is 'Jawa Mee' and they normally sell 'Mee Rebus' to imitate this famous food of Penang!

Friends told me that there is another stall located along Jalan Raja Uda which is famous of the Jawa Mee, but I am not able to taste it in this trip. The Jawa Mee served in this kopitiam was above average, and I love to have it at least Once when I visit Butterworth.
Rated : 3.5/5

Char Kuey Tiaw of Jin Shan Kopitiam
Another famous food I ordered is Char Kuey Tiaw (Fried rice noodle) which is also very famous in Penang. Same as the noodle above, taste average.
Rated : 3/5

If you happen to pass by this kopitiam, don't mind to have a try on variety of Penang foods which serve here. It might not the best, but at least temporary ease your temptation of the delicious Penang Food! :)

Location of Jin Shan Kopitiam

It's Holi Time

Photo © K. K. Arora/Reuters- (Courtesy WSJ Photo Journal) -All Rights Reserved

Holi is a festival of color and was recently celebrated all over India. This exuberant festival aims at infusing fresh hope to people as it marks the end of the winter days and the start of summer. Originally, Holi was a festival to celebrate harvests, and to give thanks for the fertility of the land.

Although Holi is observed all over the north of India, it's also celebrated with considerable zest in Vrindavan and Mathura, and other towns which are said to have housed Krishna. In Vrindavan, Holi takes place over the course of two weeks in Vrindavan, and is observed with numerous processions, folk songs, and dances.

Great Niagara Falls pictures

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Top Niagara Falls

Niagara falls at night pics

nice Niagara falls photo

Niagara falls visitor view

Great Miami beach pictures

Great Miami beach

Great Miami beach

Great Miami beach

Great Miami beach

Great Miami beach

Mout Fuji in Japan pictures

Fuji Mountain and Sakura Flower

Mount Fuji Japan

Exotic Mountain Fuji Camera Photography

Beautiful Mont Fuji

Mount Fuji Photo

Picture of mount fuji

Greg Du Toit: The Waiting Game

Photo © Greg du Toit- (Courtesy The Daily Mail) -All Rights Reserved

Here's an interesting story reported by The Daily Mail (a UK newspaper) which tells us that Greg du Toit, a wildlife photographer living in south Kenya's Great Rift Valley, spent 3 months submerged in a wild lions watering hole for three months, just to get what he deemed to be the perfect photograph of these lions drinking.

The photographer had tried to get the right photograph for a year, but failed to get "it", so he waded into the murky pool with his camera where he spent 270 hours and ended up contracting several tropical diseases, including the potentially deadly Bilharzia.

There are some inconsistencies in this story as the Daily Mail's article mentions that the photographer spent 3 months in the watering hole, and then mentions 270 hours. Obviously, the hours (or days) he spent in there were not consecutive, but notwithstanding, it's a testament to Greg's single mindedness. Why he didn't wear a wet suit to protect him from waterborne diseases is another question which is not addressed in the article.

Yes, photography is a waiting game. I think travel photography, in particular, requires infinite patience, certainly not to the extreme lengths this photographer seems to have gone to, but nevertheless persistence and tenacity are needed. "Parachuting" in a remote Indian village hoping to capture a bunch of wonderful images in an hour or two is -unless one is very lucky- an overly ambitious goal...a holy grail kind of thing. For that, one has to spend the time, establish the requisite connections and know how to engage people honestly, respectfully and with kindness.

Hawaii Kapalua Beach Park Maui

Kapalua Beach is a beautiful golden stretch along the west coast of the Keanae Peninsula, with a spectacular view of Molokai, and one of the prettiest and safest beaches on Maui - once voted the best beach in the world by Condé Nast Magazine. It has an exclusive beach resort called Kapalua Bay. Inside the bay is well-protected from big waves by offshore reefs and by lava peninsulas on the both sides, making this a superb swimming beach for families with small children. It is also a good place to watch whales, during the whale season. If you drive, beware that public parking and beach access is not easy to find, and it's a bit of a walk to the beach. This beach also match for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving lovers. After visit Kapalua Beach Park, Maui, I can guarantee you absolutely will love Hawaii...

Recreation and tourism in England

Recreation and tourism in England

Recreation and tourism in England

Recreation and tourism in England

England is loaded with history for travelers to unearth, from Stonehenge to Westminster Abbey; the past is brought to life! New attractions are all about having fun with the London Eye, Flamingo Land Fun Park and Chester Zoo to amuse visitors of all ages. Discover busy English cities, quaint villages, mansions, abbeys, moors and mountains!

Raja Ampat Beautiful

raja ampat

raja ampat island

raja ampat underwater

raja ampat coral

raja ampat photo

raja ampat fish

Ancient Colosseum picture in Rome

When the Colosseum is mentioned, the aboriginal account that would access your apperception is one of majestic gladiators angry anniversary added to death, while bags of assemblage acclamation loudly, adequate the fight. It’s gory, barbarous and exciting. The Colosseum is still grand, continuing as a majestic anatomy apery the ability and ability of the Roman people. It additionally serves as home to abundant alcohol and apparitional creatures.

The lives of gladiators, prisoners and alike animals abide in the vicinity, giving the arresting anatomy an awesome and apocalyptic feeling. The action that occurred bags of years ago in this abode makes it one of the best apparitional sites in Europe. Colosseum visitors address aberrant activities accident while they’re in the vicinity, such as actuality affected or pushed, and experiencing algid spots. The complete of weeping, swords clashing, and beastly noises can be heard throughout the stadium. Seeing abstracts of apparitional citizens walking up and bottomward the seats and Roman soldiers continuing at the avenue means is additionally common.

Bordeaux France pictures

Bordeaux France

Bordeaux France

Bordeaux France

Bordeaux France

The burghal of Bordeaux maintains some 18th aeon adroitness amid its downtown, breadth accomplished shops and museums anticipate visitors. Bordeaux is activity through an burghal amend appointed to be completed by 2009. Until then, some barrio may be hidden by scaffolding, and anchorage may be awash with architecture detours. Bordeaux, the better burghal in southwest France, is acclaimed throughout the apple for its wine and countryside vineyards. While the burghal is not a archetypal of avant-garde burghal planning, that is changing, as a tram and added avant-garde accessories are actuality developed. The surrounding country is some of the best admirable in France, and travelers attractive to see arresting vineyards, and sample affluent red wines will not be abort with a cruise to Bordeaux wine country.
The Bordeaux airport is amid 6 afar west of the city, and offers approved flights to Bordeaux from about Europe. If you're on the continent, analysis for flights to Bordeaux France on bargain Ryanair and Air France. Rent a car at the Bordeaux airport to bout wine country, or booty a auto into the city. Bordeaux France offers abounding admirable places to stay. Be alert of the breadth about the alternation station, as it has a acceptability for actuality seedy. The top end auberge is the Auberge Burdigala, a modern, 4-star hotel. La Maison du Lierre is a adequate townhouse with a arresting staircase. The auberge de Seze is in an affected 18th aeon building. The Auberge Excelsior offers inexpensive, simple rooms.

The Rest of Everest Episode 131: High Peaks and High Aspirations

After a week off from the regular release schedule, The Rest of Everest returns this week with another excellent episode chronicling a trek up to Everest Base Camp that took place last spring.

This episode is entitled High Peaks and High Aspirations, and it's clear to see where that name comes from before the episode credits have even finished rolling. Stunning vistas are everywhere this time, including early shots of climbers going up Everest it self. They're mostly seen as tiny dots in the distance, but it is beautiful none the less.

The views continue throughout the episode of course, as we continue the trek up the Khumbu Valley. The regular characters that we've been following along are continuing to suffer a bit from the altitude, but BC is now so close they can practically see it. Highlights of the episode include snow capped peaks in all directions, the melodic sounds of yak bells going up the trail, and more insights from the trekkers on what it is really like to be there. Considering I'm going myself soon, I don't know if I should be excited or scared! :)

Catch all of the Rest of Everest episodes on the website or in iTunes. Week in and week out it is consistently great stuff.

Siberian Express Expedition Set To Begin Monday!

Speaking of icy adventures, the Siberian Express team of Ray Zahab and Kevin Vallely set off from Vancouver yesterday on their way to Siberia, where they hope to begin their expedition on Monday, March 1st.

You may recall, I wrote about this expedition a month back when Ray and Kevin were deep into their training. They will be making an attempt at a speed record for crossing Lake Baikal, the largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. The lake is frozen this time of the year, making it a perfect opportunity to try to make the 400+ mile journey along its entire length. Despite the fact that they'll be going in unsupported fashion, pulling their gear behind them on sleds, they still intended to cover roughly 40 miles per day.

The expedition has some larger goals beyond the speed record as well. They hope to raise funds for the Ryan's Well Foundation and to help complete clean water projects in Africa. They'll also be connecting with thousands of students across the globe, as part of the impossible2Possible educational outreach programs.

While they're not heading to the North Pole, this is still a tremendous undertaking in a very harsh climate. The Siberian winters are brutal, and they'll be completely exposed out on the ice of the lake, which is gigantic in size. Not only does it cover more than 12,200 square miles of area, it actually reaches 5390 feet in depth as well. Those are staggering numbers for any body of water, let alone a freshwater lake.