Travel bloggers we Love...

The Internet is turning into one BIG “love-travel-fest,” which is no bad thing.  What’s on offer these days goes way further than your typical travel blog. You can find people to hook up with out on the road, choose voluntour projects to donate to online, share a few travel twips on Twitter® and even choose where to send people when it comes to their next destination.  Come to think of it, that reminds me of closing my eyes and sticking a pin in a map of Africa – I can feel the excitement building already!

So, in no particular order, we’ve fine-tuned a few of the best bloggers just for you, and if you’d like to add another to the list for future posts, we’ll be all eyes!

We don’t have a specific reason (as there are too many) for nominating these guys, but we have a lot of love for Amateurs Africa.   Self-styled, as two “average lads” they sound like just what Acacia Africa would order on an overland tour, but we’d like to say that they’re somewhat modest, as they’ve travelled (in their own words), “from Berlin to Cape Town, backpacking West Africa to get to the World Cup overland through deserts, jungle and whatever else is out there”. In fact, anyone who can stomach foods that shouldn’t even be looked at, or vomit over three passengers on a packed Portuguese coastal tram in 38 degree heat and get away with it, has our vote. Just your general, more than average, all around nice guys, and they like to tweet too...

The Aussie Nomad is a star guy who’s always up for a bit of #FF banter, and while his recent RTW trip didn’t include Africa – he does offer up some amazing insights on travel in general. Our favourite (re-titled), “How to avoid giving up alcohol and save cash for the big trip without splashing out on that sofa with the built in beer fridge”.  Well, we admit, it does sound tempting!

“Love, love, love all things Africa…I adore a place that can challenge my perceptions and question my understanding of the world”. With a starter for ten like that, we just had to include “Go Erin Go,” but it wasn’t just Erin’s devotion to the continent that inspired us, it was her ethos, “adventures in living and giving” (this girl has philanthropy sussed!) If you’re still saving for that voluntour (and wow do we have some sensational NEW trips coming soon), you can always click through to Erin’s “Donate My Dollars” page to give back.  This year alone, Erin will be donating anywhere close to $10,000, so get involved and vote! 

Cody McKibben is God’s gift to the “location independent”.  Let’s cut to the chase, if you want to throw the towel in when it comes to the 9-5 rat race – this guy is your man! Cody’s already clocked up a fair few awards and even earned himself a notch on the “10 Digital Nomads To Learn From” list, but in a nutshell this is “Zen” for the “corporately challenged”! 

If these guys are thinking of heading to Africa in September 2011, Kenya more specifically, then I’d be up for a meet in Nairobi!  Well, who knows, but until then, the Aussie founders of Globetrooper, Todd & Lauren, have plenty of user generated itineraries covering the entire world of travel.  Of course, there are scores of backpackers and solo travellers who choose to head overland with us part way through their gap year (or much needed break from reality/sabbatical/cubicle crisis), but if you want to add some extra excitement to your trip and extend your journey, your new travel buddy might only be a click away… 

Photography and travel writing sounds like the perfect combination, and the “Globetrotter Girls” are, and I quote “desperate to be out on the road” (where have I heard that before – hmmm?!!!). But they’ve also got gusto, as their plan is, well, “not to have a plan….exactly”.  These travel-istas accept tips from their favorite fellow bloggers, travellers and digital nomads, and while Africa is not on their itinerary (yet!!!) we just had to give the female duo a mention, as adventures on the continent are anything but predictable! 

Looking to hit the road before the end of October - you'll be quids in with our recent BOGOF special, and the Annual Migration, like these blogs is one not to miss!